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Our Fleet
Golden Touch has been extremely successful in establishing a strong branded presence and a highly regarded reputation throughout the tri-state area. The Company’s fleet of mini-coaches, vans, towne car sedans are uniform in color and logo. Each vehicle is prominently branded with Golden Touch’s distinctive gold logo on our black vehicles. Our fleet of towne cars sedans are uniquely distinctive with a blue on white color design scheme.

Our fleet is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment available:
Data Dispatching System – this text messaging system just about eliminates the possibility of error in communication between the driver and the dispatchers.
Flight View – allows us to track flights prior to their actual arrival time thus, enabling us to position our vehicles according to exact time of arrivals, instead of expected time of arrival.
Global Positioning System, GPS/Navigational Systems – enables us to pinpoint where each vehicle is at all times and gives us step by step driving directions.
Nextel Mobile Communication – for use by Drivers when outside of their vehicles linking drivers to dispatchers at all times.

Unsurpassed Vehicle Maintenance Program

*Vehicle Inspections Are Preformed Every Six Months*

There are 206 points in each inspection and approximately 350 items inspected in compliance with the New York State regulations. We comply with Title 17 of Rules and Regulations, sections 720.2, 720.3, 720.4, 720.5, 720.6 and 720.7. These sections are inspection criterion for the following:

1) Interior
2) Exterior
3) Chassis Construction
4) Brakes
5) Exhaust System
6) Tires and Wheels
7) Fuel
8) Engines
9) Emergency Exits
10) Electrical Systems
11) Emergency Equipment

In addition, we self-inspect each vehicle every 5000 miles or 30 days as required by law. We also have daily checks, which we require the drivers to do prior to leaving the yard.

Our fleet consists primarily of new vehicles and/or, vehicles which are not more than three model years old. Golden Touch replaces their vehicles on a continuous basis.